Sea view dome

The characteristics of the apartment

Inside you will find a sleeping area with a comfortable king size double bed separated by a semi-transparent wall from the shower and toilet area. The environment is air-conditioned so comfort is guaranteed both in summer and in winter.

In the evening, lying comfortably in bed, you can admire in the distance, through the large transparent wall, the lighthouse of Punta Imperatore and the starry sky reflecting on the sea. You will feel like you are sleeping outdoors and it will be a unique experience that you will always remember.

We would like to underline that the Dome is completely immersed in the Mediterranean scrub and it is therefore absolutely forbidden to light fires of any kind both inside and outside, and in particular inside it is forbidden to smoke, cook or introduce food, as well as for safety also for hygiene, as the presence of food could attract animals inside the tent. In the area you will find restaurants and bars that will satisfy your every need.

The Dome is not a conventional accommodation, therefore, we deliberately did not install the television, to allow you to appreciate the landscape and the habitat that surrounds it with its noises and silences. The wifi instead is present as in all our apartments.

Essentials Essentials
  • Bed sheets, Towels, Hair-drier, Soaps, Fridge, Air conditioner, Wifi Internet, Espresso coffee machine with welcome pack, Tea machine with welcome pack, Hot Tub

Outdoor Outdoor
  • Table with chairs, Sun Chairs, Panoramic Terrace, Spa bath

General services General services
  • Self-service laundry, free private parking

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